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What is Snapchat and How to use Snapchat for mobiles?

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Snapchat is a new Instantly Messaging (Messenger) whose popularity and competition with world social media increased. Snapchat is used in sharing and publishing your mobile photos and videos with your friends and family.

Snapchat Messenger for Android APK, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry looks like popular chat apps such as Facebook,WhatsAPP, and others but Snapchat surpasses them in the way it works. You can take a photo or record a video using your mobile camera and send it to your friends instantly or later. However, Snapchat differs from other social media in that the photos and videos are viewable to you and your friends for a period not exceeding 10 seconds and then the App makes them vanish from your phone, your friend’s phone, and the App server too!

For the aim of publishing and sharing photos and videos by Snapchat is to keep your friends always in touch with the experiences and events that happen to you. Snapchat for Samsung Galaxy lets you record a 30-second video (Snap) via your mobile and send it to those whom you love.


Snapchat Download Blog

Snapchat Download Blog

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