Detailed Explanation of the Latest Snapchat Update [With Pictures]

Explanation of snapchat

Ever you heard of Snapchat? Many of us have heard of Snapchat, however, some don`t know how to use Snapchat or Snapchat features particularly those added with Snapchat Update.
Snapchat is a social media app for instant messaging via snaps. You can share with your friends’ clips from your daily life with a friend or with all your friends via My Story. Find more hidden features in Snap and get explanation of snapchat in your first experience with Snapchat.

Note: Features of Snapchat vary according to OS and your device. For example, a new update of Snapchat may be released for iPhone and later on for Android and Blackberry.

Types of Snaps in Snapchat

There are two types of snaps; an image or a video captured either by front selfie camera or rear camera. And sent to a particular friend or to all your friends via My Story. Also, you can apply faces and special effects for selifies by tapping long on your face directly on the screen. This features are available only on the latest update of Snapchat.

filters of snapchat

filters of snapchat

How to send snaps to a particular friend or all followers

First, you have to choose whether to send a pic, or a short video. To send a pic, tap once on the circle, and hold it long for videos till the circle is red. When you finish, a new window appears as follows:

symbols of story on snapchat

symbols of story on snapchat

  1. Faces:  colored changeable faces added to your snaps such as in Twitter.
  2. Adding a text:  you can add a text on a black ground of the pic or snap.
  3. Handwriting: A great feature that enables you to draw or write whatever you want.
  4. Timer or mute:  photo timer for pics and video muting to choose how long you want your recipient to view your snaps.
  5. Timer or mute:  photo timer for pics and video muting to choose how long you want your recipient to view your snaps.
  6. Direct messaging: send snaps directly to My Story.

Next: If you select next, a new interface appears where you can choose to send the snap to My Story or a specified person privately.

How to Share Snaps and Text Chat Privately Via Snapchat Update

You can send snaps from your studio and text chat by selecting a friend from your contact list, a screen full of feature will appear:

  • Free calls: Snapchat has recently added this great feature in its latest update and now you have excellent high quality calls.
  • Video calls: Audio and video calls beautifully designed and available in the private chat with one person.
  • Sending Private Snap: a short video sent to a friend with whom you are chatting.
  • Sending Stickers: newly divided and ordered faces in Snapchat Update.
  • Sharing video or a pic: Now you are able to share a pic or video to a friend privately.
  • Information and Settings: You can log in the Information and Settings of your friend to change his account name or block him.

Note:  You can save snaps sent to you by two ways: taking a screen shots of the snaps or tapping long on the snaps and saving them on your device.

snapchat private chat - explanation of snapchat

snapchat private chat – explanation of snapchat

Meaning of symbols used in the Private Chat of Snapchat

symbols of private chat on snapchat - explanation of snapchat

symbols of private chat on snapchat – explanation of snapchat

How to add Friends on Snapchat

 Adding a friend to your list of Snapchat contacts is easy. There are several ways to add a friend:

  • Add a friend using his user name: write his username, usually consists of letters and numbers.
  • Add friends using your address book: Snapchat has to access your contact list to find your friend who must install Snapchat.
  • Add by Snapcode: by scanning Snapcodes you’ve previously screenshot on your device. However, Snapchat offers an easy and quick way by taking a screenshot of a friend’s Snapcode to add him.
  • Add a nearby: a new and easy option in the Add friends menu. Instead of writing letters and numbers. Both of you must enable Nearby Friends in order to be able to add him.
  • Sharing User name: You can add friend by sharing your account to other social media sites or via e- mail so people can find you without searching for your username.

How to I watch my friends` snaps and yours in “My Story”

To view your friends’ snaps or my story, swipe the main screen to the left or tap on the icon ≡ till a screen of snaps appears, tap on the three dots to see your snaps, the number of viewers. Here you’ll find several types of stories as follows:

  • Discover: Snaps from different editorial brands such as CNN, and National Geographic. You can move through the editorial content or move to another article or useful information.
  • LIVE: A feature Snapchat grants to specific places or campuses to contribute Snaps of popular events like a match or a festival. You’ll have to turn on GPS to and be there to add snaps to live stories.
  • All stories: All of your friends’ snaps that were taken within the last 24 hours.

You can view your snaps by tapping on a snap or on All Stories to know who viewed your snap or story.

Block and unblock Snapchatters? 

You can block a friend who chatted with you, swipe left on the Snapchatters name who chatted you to open the Chat screen. Tap on – and choose block. To unblock and view blocked Snapchatters, go to Snapchat main screen and tap on and scroll down to ‘Account Actions’ and tap Blocked.

Scores in Snapchat and how to increase your score.

Score in Snapchat is a number that appears beside the username. The number is  a special equation combining the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, Stories you’ve posted, and other factors Snapchat has not disclosed their significance.

How to increase your scores in a Snapchat

  • By sending and receiving snaps with your friends and your score will increase according to your activities.
  • Add more friends, in a simple and easy way as we previously mentioned.
  • Finding new features in Snapchat  such as adding more than 100 friends via Snapcode.
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