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Download Snapchat for Mobiles to chat with your friends via sharing, publishing, sending photos and snaps instantly. Snapchat is famous for the feature of guarding the users` privacy. Snapchat Messenger is used a lot in publishing and sharing photos and videos with friends. Snapchat APK looks like popular social media such as Facebook, WhatsAPP, and others. However, Snapchat lets your photos and videos viewable to you and your friends for a period not exceeding 10 seconds before deleting them from your phone, your friend’s phone as well as from the app server, as the APP is keen on keeping you and your friends in touch and letting them know all what`s new about you. Therefore, if you are keen on keeping your privacy absolutely secure, we recommend that you download and try Snapchat for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry. Snapchat is really a wonderful social media.

Snapchat and your Privacy and Security 

Snapchat for instant messaging of photos and videos concerns about user privacy and security. Thus developers of the app recently developed important add-ons and tools to protect user accounts if he or she logs in to Snapchat from another device by sending an SMS to your phone that has an active Snapchat. The message contains a code to check through the app setting. Also, new functions have been added such as switching between front and back camera to take self- photos and videos (Snapchat selfie) by double tap on the login- screen of Snapchat Latest Version to enjoy the nice experience of voice and video calls that are rich in animation and excitation.

How to create a Snapchat Account?

How to install Snapchat on the Mobile?

Here`s how to create an account in Snapchat?

To use Snapchat for Smartphones to record videos, chat with your friends, and share with them photos and videos, you have to make an account on Snapchat. To do this, you must have a valid e- email account and an Android or iOS phone number or a phone number of any other system. After downloading Snapchat APK (for android) from Apps Store and installing it on your smart phone, open the App and you will see a login screen. Click Sign Up and a pop-up screen then appears asking you to enter a valid e- email, a password to use later, and finally your date of birth but be aware that the APP determines a certain age to use (13 years old)! Then move to the next screen that asks you to use a unique user name (names belonging to others or signed before are not allowed) to open the app.

After that another pop-up screen appears that requires your mobile number to check your Snapchat account, so write it down and finish the verification process. Finally, Snapchat asks you to verify that you are not a robot or an automatic recorder by selecting all the images (check out ALL or EVERY) that contain the ghost and then press subscribe. Thus you have an account on Snapchat and you can start chatting with your friends.

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How does Snapchat for Smart phones work?

What is 30-seconds Snapchat? How to open a video on Snapchat?

How to download snaps and upload them on Snapchat?

Many users ask how to record a Snapchat on the mobile phone; however they face problems when recording snaps, uploading them on Snapchat. Here we are making things easy; you can start chatting with your friends by sliding your finger on his names and make video and voice call directly with him. When you finish chatting, Snapchat deletes all text messages and photos viewable to you and your friend from both your and his phone as well as from the app server! Snapchat gives great priority to the user privacy. When you wish to save an address or a phone number, send it to your friend in the chat. You can take a screenshot and Snapchat lets your friend know for your privacy, thus you can save all what you view during the chat of messages, addresses, and others …

Features of Snapchat Messenger for Mobile

  • VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS: the latest version of Snapchat has the feature of voice and video calls. To start a voice and video chat, press continuously for 10 seconds on the blue icon till you see a flash on your phone screen and also on your friend`s screen. Simply, start chatting!
  • DISCOVER SERVICE: Snapchat offers the service of broadcasting news from news sources and in partnership with world news such as National Geographic, CNN, YAHOO, ESPN SPORTS, and others. You can discover the press content on the social media using one media that publish up –to-date 4 journalist stories and news daily.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS FEATURE: Snapchat Messenger offers to companies, shops, and supermarket the feature of adding Geofilters to photos. Users can upload pictures from a certain page and add them to their photos when they are nearby. You can make your own vistual filter via a particular template to design your special filter so that the accessibility of your brand increases.
  • LIFE AND ONLINE BROADCASTING OF ARABIC LOCATIONS: Snapchat Company provided several online links to popular world cities. These LIFE LINKS achieved great popularity and interactivity among users.

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