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Snapchat is one of the world`s popular Apps for instant chat and messaging, used to capture and share your memorable moments and times with your friends via voice, video, text message, or even a snapshot(image)like snaps. Free video calls are also available in the latest update. Snapchat APK provides featured tools that make it easy to share with a friend privately or on My Story to be viewed by all your friends while keeping the privacy and personal data of snap chatters secure. You cannot view your snaps later on for they will be self- destructed after they have been viewed. Due to the continuous increase in Snapchatters, owners of android devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Sony are looking for Snapchat direct link. You will get a glimpse of the features and a direct link to download Snapchat for android from the end of this article.

Snapchat goes before the leading social media apps

Despite of the little similarities between Snapchat and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat rivals over due to its widespread. Simply Snapchat is considered the fastest social media among its rivals according to the number of active users and rankings. Snapchat widespread is due to its concern for the user privacy and security, as well as the interest that celebrates pay to Snapchat and the spread of their Snapchat accounts among their fans to follow their news on the spot.
Snapchat launched in 2011, now (after 5 years) Snapchat hits more than 200+ million monthly active users over the world, sending images, video, and text message daily. Comparing Snapchat with other social media, for example Facebook launched in 2004, after 4 years (in 2008), Facebook active users are estimated nearly 140 million users monthly. On the other hand, in October 2010 Instagram launched and in 2014 Instagram active users reached nearly 180 million users monthly sending about 70 image and videos daily. Finally, Twitter launched in 2006 and its active users reached 30 million, as well as sending 50 million twits daily.

Why should you use Snapchat for android device?

  1. Easy way to share your moments: Just as you log into your account the camera is instantly activated and with a single tap, you’re snapping a pic. You don’t even need to dig through menus to take a video – simply hold the record button. 
  2. Easy to use: Friendly- user main screen and interface for Samsung Galaxy, no prior knowledge or experience is required to use Snapchat.
  3. Private messaging feature: You can send snaps to a friend or to a specific group of friends you select, not to all your followers in the way Instagram does.
  4. Snapping circle and fast reply: notification and bubbles that your friend receive when you send him a snap prompts him to open Snapchat and start immediate chat with you.
  5. Snapping without any restriction: you won`t hesitate before sending a video, pic, or even a text message to your friend because everything will vanish in seconds .No fears such as in Facebook or Instagram and no need to ask yourself “is the pic good enough to be sent”?! 
  6. Save your storage space: you do not have to frequently delete files. Snapchat for android has a self- destructing feature that deletes all what you share and receive from your friends, thus you free up your storage space.
  7. Marketing and Ads: Snapchat offers a space for commercial companies to present discounts and special sales, in addition to news and pics to their followers.
  8. Discover: a new feature that puts the most important news and stories of the day from popular media sites over the world.
  9. Live: after download Snapchat for android you will have Live feature which helps Snapchatters broadcast current events in their countries via snapping videos such as live sporting events.

Snapchat New Update 2017

The latest update of Snapchat for android is considered to be the most important in the history of the app. The latest version offers you a couple of special features; free video and voice calling. This feature allows you to view the video sent just as you make a video call and before the recipient accepts. The latest version of Snapchat contains a collection of stickers for more fun and convenience.

free video call on snapchat - download snapchat for android

free video call on Snapchat – download Snapchat for android

How to download Snapchat for android with a direct link

Snapchat for android APK

Snapchat from Googleplay

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