Download Snapchat for blackberry devices latest version 2017

Download the latest version of Snapchat for Blackberry

Snapchat is one of the hottest social media apps for messaging video, snaps, or shots. That is why Blackberry Company paid great attention to it in all its devices and systems: Blackberry 10, z10, z30, Blackberry Q10, Bold, 9900, or even after adopting android operating systems such as Blackberry Brave, and Blackberry Passport. Latest versions of Snapchat 9.27.5. apk for Blackberry and for android-operating system Blackberry are available in our site. You won`t face any problem using the app on your phone.  The latest update of Snapchat has fantastic features such as Face Swap, and significant effects. Snapchat update has lately added the features of voice and video calls and it works well. you can download Snapchat for blackberry from the end of the article.

download Snapchat for blackberry

download Snapchat for blackberry

Download Snapchat for Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 faces a lot of problems when downloading Snapchat, especially old release of Blackberry. Thus, you won`t find it easy to download Snapchat for Blackberry Q10, z10, Bold, and other device. Here, we offer you three solutions to download Snapchat for Blackberry with no problems:

  1. Download latest release of Snapchat from our site at the end of the article.
  2. Download Aptoide Store, find and install Snapchat for your Blackberry 10
  3. Download Snapchat for Blackberry via Casper Snapchat.

Updates of Latest Snapchat for Blackberry 2017

The latest updates of Snapchat for Blackberry have added various features including free calls, and front-facing in the front camera for selfie. However, these features may be disabled in Snapchat for Blackberry 10. These features may be added very soon. As for Blackberry Brave that support android- operating system, all the new features you dream of have been added including calls, faces, selfie effects, new chat faces, and more. Download Snapchat for Blackberry and try all these features:

  • Front- Facing (Cam Selfie): Snapchat for Blackberry provides the new feature of new fantastic faces in the Cam Selfie. Simply try it by switching to the front camera and hold long on the front camera while focusing the camera on your face to get new, funny, curious and fantastic effects.
  • Video and Audio Calls: audio and video calling feature has been added in Snapchat for Blackberry, especially Blackberry Brave that supports android- operating system.
  • New Stickers and Faces: Several various faces and stickers have been added to the chat screen of Snapchat. They are divided into sections.
  • Faces- in- Snaps: Now, you can add your own snaps and resize them just as in Twitter.
  • Multiple Snaps: You can add up to 20+ snaps in My Story.
  • New replay feature: You can replay all the snaps your friend sent you several times, a feature added two years ago.

Free download Snapchat for Blackberry with a direct link

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