Download snapchat for iPhone and iPad – latest release 2017

Download Snapchat for iPhone and iPad

Download Snapchat for iPhone to chat via sending photos and videos instantly. Snapchat pays great attention to the privacy of its users. Snapchat Messenger is used by a majority in Saudi Arabia and UAE to share photos and videos with friends. Snapchat Messenger for iPhone and iPad looks like popular chat apps such as Facebook, WhatsAPP, and others but Snapchat rivals them in the way it works. However, Snapchat differs from other social media in that the photos and videos are viewable to you and your friends for a period not exceeding 10 seconds and then the App makes them vanish from your phone, your friend’s phone, and the App server too!. Snaps are a way to keep in touch with your friends and let them know all what`s new about you. If you are a privacy keeper, we advise you to download & use Snapchat for iPhone and iPad. You should really try; it is a magnificent social messenger App.

Snapchat and the concern for Privacy and Security

Snapchat pays great attention to the privacy and security of its users, thus Snapchat developer recently developed important add-ons and tools to protect user accounts if he logs in to Snapchat from another device by sending an SMS to his phone that has an active Snapchat. The message contains the login verification code.  Snapchat’s latest update lets you switch between the front (selfies) and back camera. To switch modes while shooting video, simply double tap on the screen while recording to enjoy an exciting and animating voice and video calling.

Photos from Snapchat for iPhone:

log in snapchat - download snapchat for iPhone

log in snapchat – download snapchat for iPhone

snapchat profile - download snapchat for iPhone

snapchat profile – download snapchat for iPhone

How to use Snapchat for iPhone?

How to upload snaps on Snapchat? How to play a Snapchat video?

Many users ask “how could I record snaps using iPhone”? This is because they sometimes face problems in recording snaps and uploading it on Snapchat for iPhone. Here`s how it works. To start chatting, Simply swipe your finger on your friend`s name and start video and audio chat. When you finish your chat, Snapchat deletes all the texts and videos shown in your phone or your friend`s and from the APK server too! Snapchat puts the privacy of the user first and if you wish to save an address, a phone number sent to you by taking screen shot and Snapchat notifies your friend. Thus you can save all your snaps and all what your friend sent you while chatting. For more about using Snapchat, visit our site.

Features of Snapchat for iPhone

  • voice and video chats : Latest version of Snapchat Messenger has the feature of voice and video calling .To start a voice and video chat simply press continuously for 10 seconds on the blue icon till a flash appears on your and your friend`s screen. Simply, start chatting!
  • Video and audio calling: With Snapchat for iPhone latest version, you can make free, clear high – quality video and audio calls with your friend without jamming or stopping via Snapchat Latest Update for iPhone.
  • Discover Service: Snapchat offers the service of broadcasting news from its sources and in partnership with as National Geographic, CNN, YAHOO, ESPN SPORTS, and others. You can discover the press content on the social media using one media that publish up –to-date 4 journalist stories and news daily.
  • Visual effects feature: Snapchat Messenger offers to companies, shops, and supermarket the feature of adding Geofilters to photos. Users can upload pictures from a certain page and add them to their photos when they are nearby. You can make your own visual filter via a particular template to design your special filter so that the accessibility of your brand increases.
  • Live and online broadcasting of Western locations: Snapchat features everyday clips from famous cities around the world and has included cities like New York, London, Cape Town, Dublin, Liverpool, and Auckland. These live streaming achieved great popularity particularly among teenagers.
  • Adding friends: Snapchat provides you with various easy ways to add more friends. You can add a friend by his username, find a friend from your phone address book and this requires permission to access your address book, and use Snapcode to add people and also using GPS to add friends who are nearby. Another option is to share a username via an email or a text message, and more.

What makes Snapchat for iPhone different from Snapchat for Android ?

  1. EASY TO USE: Snapchat for iPhone is easier and simpler in performing all what is required efficiently than Snapchat for android. Snapchat for android, on the other hand, is slower and consumes time to be ready.
  2. ON GOING UPDATE: Ongoing update is available for Snapchat for iPhone. IPhone users can take advantage from this update at the time of release. In addition, Snapchat updates are available to all iPhone release unlike android. Android users cannot take advantage from all Snapchat because they are compatible with a particular release and some users face problems using Snapchat following the update.
  3. HIGH- QUALITY APK : Snapchat for iPhone always does better, it works simply, quickly and efficiently. On the contrary, Snapchat for android doesn’t work efficiently as it does with iPhone .
  4. CAMERA : IPhones have high –quality and accurate pictures and videos. You can easily zoom your pictures and videos whereas android pictures and videos are somewhat unclear, especially when you zoom them as they lose their quality.

Download Snapchat for iPhone:

Download snapchat

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